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Communicating with a mask

In light of the pandemic, many places are still requiring the use of a face mask. Previous research has shown that as many as 20% of people with COVID-19 have no symptoms at all. Furthermore, someone with COVID-19 can be contagious even before showing or developing any symptoms. This means the individual has the potential to spread the virus without even knowing. Wearing a mask can help reduce the likelihood of someone spreading the virus to others. We wear masks to protect the people around us.
While we continue to ask our patients to wear masks in our practice, we realize that communicating with a face mask can be difficult whether you have hearing loss or not. Check out the video below of Dr. Larmann for some tips on overcoming these difficulties. If you’re having difficulty hearing or understanding others, please call our office for a complimentary hearing consultation.
If you already wear hearing aids and would like to get them adjusted and serviced, so you can hear your best, we can help with that too! We are practicing social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing all surfaces between each patient, and offering curbside services. We know that hearing is essential, and we are working hard to keep you and your family safe while providing you the best care.