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Apple Watch could help protect your ears!

With the release of the new Apple WatchOS 6 (and Apple Watch Series 4 or higher), a new app called The Noise app was released and may help protect your ears from damaging noise levels.

The app uses the Apple Watch’s microphones to measure the ambient noise level in your environment. Damage to our ears from noise increases with how loud the noise is and how long you are exposed to it. The app will alert you when you the ambient noise is at a level that could be damaging to your ears.

For instance, if the app notifies you that the environment is at 90 dB, it will let you know that continued exposure to this environment for 30 minutes or more can permanently damage your ears. Knowing this, you can either move to a quieter location or use hearing protection.

The app allows you to be pro-active about your hearing health, rather than reactive — treating the permanent hearing loss after the damage has already been done. Even with appropriate treatment, such as hearing aids or a cochlear implant, normal hearing will never be restored.

So, be pro-active about your hearing and get a baseline hearing evaluation done today! Schedule a consultation with our audiologists to further discuss how we can actively protect your hearing.

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