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“While no one likes going to the Dr. office, or being in a situation where one needs such things as hearing aids, I will say this. These folks are the kindest, most caring and professional that I have ever encountered. Not just in the medical care industry, anywhere. Feels more like visiting some friends than going to the doctor. And they know your name when you walk in, not by asking and then reading a chart. Top shelf!”
Ray T.
“Dr. Swamy at Clear Sound Audiology has been my audiologist for 8 years. He always works with his patients to make sure they feel comfortable with a hearing aid choice. He cares about each and every person that comes to Clear Sound with a hearing need. The staff at Clear Sound are always considerate, kind, helpful, and friendly. I could not imagine using anyone else. I am so happy I have Dr. Swamy to help me with my hearing problem.”
Sara Y.​
“This office strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and warmth. No one likes getting a hearing loss diagnosis but they are patient, kind, take the time to explain everything and you leave feeling like family. Highly recommend.”
Ligia O.​
“When I mentioned to my GP that I felt some age-related hearing loss, he said Clear Sound Audiology was the audiology practice his patients were always happy with. At the complimentary first appointment, after the testing, the doctor asked if I’d like to try a set of hearing aids set to compensate for what I had indeed lost. They calibrated them, inserted them, fired them up – and I burst into tears. The loss had been o gradual that I hadn’t realized the depth and the details of the sound symphony of our everyday world I’d been missing. Thank you for giving the rich texture of the world back to me!”
Deborah Gregor​
“I am pleased that I accepted Dr. Swamy’s invitation to have a hearing test. I now have a new hearing aid and realize how much conversation I had been missing. Dr. Swamy and his staff at Clear Sound Audiology have been very friendly and this has been a happy experience. I am almost sorry I did not address my need sooner!”
Freddie Dobson​
“I can hear you now! For more than 20 years that was not the case. I’ve had hearing aids before but they were uncomfortable, hard to adjust when room conditions changed and I still couldn’t hear certain voices (pitch) clearly. They ended up in a drawer. A few weeks ago a friend referred me to Clear Sound Audiology. The staff spent over 3 hours with me discussing hearing loss, the anatomy of ears, examining my ears, personally performing my hearing tests, reviewing the results, reviewing options and programming my “new ears.” It was the most thorough hearing examination I’ve ever had. I now hear sounds I’ve not heard in years. “Pardon me” is no longer part of my everyday language. My forehead “stress lines” (wrinkles) have almost disappeared and I no longer have headaches after long meetings. I can adjust my aids through my iPhone as well as listen to music and the TV via Bluetooth. The staff of Clear Sound Audiology are some of the most caring professionals and nicest people I’ve ever encountered. I highly recommend Clear Sound Audiology.”
Merle Amundson​