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Caring for your hearing aids in the Florida summer

We have been experiencing record heat and humidity this summer. So, it’s a good time to remember that hearing aids, like most high-tech devices, are susceptible to excess heat and moisture. Keep these tips in mind to help ensure long-lasting performance even as the temperature rises.

Store hearing aids in a cool, dry place.

Excess heat can harm the hearing aid circuit, microphone, and speakers. Do not store your hearing aids in the bathroom, in the car, or in any warm, damp environment.

Use a desiccant, hearing aid dehumidifier, or “dri-aid” kit to keep moisture out of the hearing aids.

A desiccant is a moisture-absorbing substance that is commonly found in dry goods such as shoes, clothes, and electronics. There are inexpensive desiccant and dri-aid kids available for purchase at our office that are specifically designed for hearing aids. Be sure to ask our staff for more information.

If possible, keep the hearing instruments from excessive perspiration.

Most newer hearing aids can handle normal perspiration. However, if the hearing aids are exposed to excessive perspiration, it is best to remove them immediately and power them off. Even better, place the hearing instruments in the desiccant kit you just bought! Another option is to use EarGears over your hearing aids. EarGears are a water-resistant spandex nylon sleeve that protects your hearing aid from dirt, sweat, and moisture. These are also available for purchase at our office.

Do not use any type of liquid to “clean” the hearing instruments – even alcohol.

Liquids are simply moisture molecules clustered together. Therefore, liquids can damage parts of the hearing aid. To clean hearing aids, wipe them down with a clean, soft cloth or with AudioWipes.

Come in for a professional cleaning every 1-3 months.

At Clear Sound Audiology, we want to make sure your hearing aids are protected and working in optimal condition. Our in-office professional service and cleaning includes an anti-moisture treatment each time you come in.

Call us today to learn more about dri-aid kits, EarGear, and our Premium Maintenance Plan, so you can hear now and hear always.

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