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Does Your Loved One Have Hearing Loss?

Living with a hearing loss can be a difficult and emotional process. It might take months or even years to realize that it is time to do something to help yourself. What might be just as difficult, however, is living with a loved one who has untreated hearing loss.

What are some signs that your communication partner might have a hearing loss?

  • They ask for repetition frequently
  • They either dominate conversation or barely participate
  • They try to avoid group gatherings (for reasons other than Coronavirus!)
  • They turn up the TV/radio volume
  • They have difficulty talking to unfamiliar people on the phone

If any of these sound like something you or your loved one experiences, it might be time for a hearing test. Just remember that your most important job as a communication partner though is to provide support and comfort for your family member or friend while they navigate this journey.

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