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Masks and Hearing Aids

Coronavirus has made big changes in many of our lives, including the introduction of a new accessory: the mask. While this is helpful to prevent the spread of the virus, it can also introduce a new problem for those of us in the hearing aid community. When taking the mask on and off, your behind-the-ear hearing aids might come right with it!

Here are some options to help you keep your behind-the-hear hearing aids safe and sound:

  1. Retention accessories: Corded Ear Gear (available at Clear Sound)
    These protective covers protect your hearing aids from the elements and the optional attached strap keeps the hearing aids connected to you.
  2. Toupee tape/wig tape: Sometimes the simplest answer might be the right one for you. Try taping the device in place behind the ear.
  3. Have a professional clean your ears: Sometimes earwax buildup can prevent the hearing aid from staying in place to begin with. With the extra movement that comes from removing your mask, this can make your hearing aids fall out very easily. Come and see us at Clear Sound for an ear exam and cleaning.
  4. Let a professional take a look at the size of your tubing, wires, and domes: The size of the parts that make up your hearing aid can make it susceptible to falling out. If you think this is a problem, let us take a look!

If you are regularly struggling with keeping your hearing aids in place, come in and see us to make sure your devices are a good fit. Call Clear Sound Audiology!

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