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Stress and hearing loss

Most people with hearing loss can experience higher-than-average stress levels as they struggle to follow conversations and participate in social situations. Gael Hannan, writer and hearing health advocate, includes some times on how to deal with stress:

  • Know that you are not alone in your hearing loss and you have the right to ask for accommodation
  • Rest up. Make sure you are getting enough rest on a routine basis.
  • Take breaks in long conversations or listening situations.
  • Stay fit. Some stretching or a brisk walk can help improve circulation and reduce stress levels.

Gael Hannan has more tips and information on hearing loss and stress here.

We offer complimentary workshops for our patients, where Dr Milford also further addresses stress and hearing loss. Call our office today to enroll! Furthermore, upgrading your hearing aids with the latest technology may improve your hearing performance, allowing you to feel more comfortable in difficult listening situations. So ask to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors today!